What is eco-LEAD™

eco-LEAD™ is our unique, patented technology that can increase power and significantly extend lead-acid battery life.

Benefits of eco-LEAD™

Extend Battery Life
In addition to recovering battery performance, removing lead-sulphates can significantly extend battery life, often as much as 2X.

Improve Battery Power
Decreased internal resistance and increased electricity flow in the battery translates to increased available power from your battery.

Improve Fuel Efficiency
By allowing the battery to charge more efficiently, this puts a lower load on the alternator, thus contributing to better gas mileage.

Reduce Waste
Increasing battery life reduces the number of new batteries that need to be manufactured, and the number of old batteries to be disposed of.


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What is eco-LEAD™

Key components of automotive batteries include lead and sulfuric acid, which are toxic to humans, animals, plants and the environment.

eco-LEAD™ reduces new battery manufacturing and cost by extending the life of your existing battery.ecoleadgraphic

How it Works

Sulfation is the process of lead sulphate crystallizing on the cathode of a lead-acid battery, reducing the available conductive surface area, restricting current flow and depriving the battery of full charge.  This accumulation of lead sulfate crystals represents is the primary cause of the deterioration, and eventual end of life for lead-acid batteries.

eco-LEAD™ uses a proprietary pattern of  nanosecond electrical pulses, at varying frequencies ranging from 0-80kHz, to remove lead-sulphate deposits and improve the efficiency of the battery.  This results in a better flow of electricity for improved power and reduced heat buildup in the battery, which in turn lowers the evaporation rate of your battery’s electrolyte.

eco-LEAD™ is available for a number of different battery voltages, and can be used on a wide variety of lead-acid batteries, including those for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, fork lifts, electrical power backup, electric wheelchairs, and golf carts.

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    “I own a battery-operated fork lift. Even after charging the battery all night, it would only last about 2 hours per day. One month after installing eco-LEAD™, the battery worked for a solid 6 hours per day. That was three years ago, and it is still going strong.”

    “I installed eco-LEAD™ on the near-dead battery of a 4 year used golf cart that was only able to make it 9 holes before dying. 3 days after installing the eco-LEAD™ device, my golf cart could easily handle a full round of golf, and my battery continued to work dependably for another 18 months.”

    “I bought eco-LEAD™ for a battery that had been used for 6 years and 9 months and was near its end-of-life. Remarkably, the eco-LEAD™ device extended the life of my battery another 2 years and 9 months.”

    “We have a battery backup on our electrical system for a 14 floor, 290,000 square foot office building, which was installed in January of 2013. The preventative maintenance schedule calls for battery replacement when internal resistance exceeds a predefined level. We reached that level on the first batteries by October of 2013. Instead of replacing all of the batteries, on some we tried eco-LEAD™. The internal resistance of the batteries decreased significantly, and as of June 2014, they are still in operation, well within spec.”

    “We have a number of fork lifts and we have found that the batteries typically last about 3 ½ years. We installed eco-LEAD™ on one fork lift battery that had already been in service for 2 years and 5 months. Since installation, it has been in constant been used for 4 years and 1 month, and still shows no signs of slowing down.

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