What is eco-SPRAY®? eco-SPRAY Engine Additive

eco-SPRAY® is an environmentally friendly additive made of all-natural ingredients which  has been demonstrated to allow cleaner combustion, reduce emissions, improve power, and improve gas mileage.

Improve Gas Mileage

One bottle applied to your air filter every 3000 miles can improve gas mileage between 8-40%

Reduce Emissions

Test results show an almost immediate reduction of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrous oxide gasses with the application of eco-SPRAY®.

Increase Power

By helping to optimize your air to fuel mixture, eco-SPRAY® can increase the power of your engine to help your car run smoother, with quieter engine idling.


Cleaner Engine

Deep clean carbon deposits from your engine for cleaner, more efficient operation.

By allowing more efficient combustion eco-SPRAY works to improve gas mileage.

Unlike fuel additives, eco-SPRAY® only needs to be applied every
3000 miles.  Not only does eco-SPRAY® work much better to improve gas mileage and reduce emissions for both newer and older vehicles, it also has a lower overall cost per mile than fuel additives. 

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By allowing more efficient combustion eco-SPRAY works to improve gas mileage.

The ideal air-to-fuel ratio for complete combustion in your engine is 14.7:1.  A mixture which is either too lean or too rich results in incomplete combustion. eco-SPRAY® works to increase gas mileage, increase power (and thus fuel efficiency) and reduce harmful emissions by improving your combustion efficiency in a number of ways.  Click below to read exactly how.

eco-SPRAY works to improve gas mileage by ensuring complete combustion.