Q: Where is eco-SPRAY® manufactured?
A: Tokyo, Japan

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: It is made of all-natural ingredients including reverse
osmosis water, fish polypeptides, seaweed, and Hinokitiol.

Q: Does it work on any vehicle?
A: Yes it can be used on all gasoline, diesel, and hybrid cars.

Q: Does eco-SPRAY® also work for trucks and buses?
A: eco-SPRAY® appears to work exactly the same for trucks
and busses, but we have not yet compiled our performance
data for these larger vehicles.

Q: How long does a bottle of eco-SPRAY® last?
A: One bottle (30cc) is designed as a single treatment
on an automobile. It is recommended to repeat this
treatment every 3000 miles.

Q: How long can eco-SPRAY® be stored?
A: It is recommended that the product be used within
one year of purchase, and stored in a cool, dry place.
Do not store inside of your car for long periods of time.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Q: Will eco-SPRAY® hurt my engine?
A: No. It is made out of all-natural ingredients, and
there is no risk of engine damage.

Q: Can I apply eco-SPRAY® myself?
A: If you are comfortable with changing the air filter
on your car, the instructions for applying eco-SPRAY®
make it easy to apply yourself.

Q: How long after I apply eco-SPRAY® does it take to see results?
A: Significantly reduced toxic emissions can be measured
almost immediately on all cars.The time to realize improved
gas mileage varies from car to car. Older cars with dirtier
engines typically improve faster than newer cars.

To maximize optimal engine performance, the Engine Control
Unit (ECU) of your car controls a number of factors affecting
combustion, including the air/fuel ratio. The time required to
realize better gas mileage depends largely upon the time for
the ECU to respond and adjust to the new, cleaner intake of
your engine. Typically most cars should see improved gas
mileage within 700 miles.

Q: How long does eco-SPRAY® last?
A: It is recommended to repeat the procedure every 3000 miles.

Q: How does eco-SPRAY® improve gas mileage?
A: The ingredients of eco-SPRAY® react with the air entering
your engine to eliminate carbon sludge and static electricity.
This creates a cleaner, more efficient combustion process,
which translates to higher power and improved gas mileage.

Q: How is eco-SPRAY® different from other products?
A: There is a theoretical air-fuel ratio, 14.7:1 which is the ideal
ratio for complete combustion. Generally, additives are targeting
the fuel which consists 1 to the air however, eco-SPRAY® is a
innovative product which put focus on to air ratio to make it more
safe to improve vehicle performances.